Today Stephan Kinsella wrote a great piece for about a five-week online course he is offering called "Libertarian Controversies". I have taken several courses through Mises Academy and have very much enjoyed the experience.

However, what captured my attention today was Kinsella's splendid articulation of the personal joys that come from championing a reason-based philosophy of life and liberty. Kinsella writes:

"What could be more beautiful than the idea that we ought to respect each other's rights so we can live in peace and harmony? It's refreshing to be part of a community that has a passion for justice, freedom, and goodness — for truth, reason, and consistency. We believe society and prosperity are achievable if we simply adopt a civilized political ethic. It's a beautiful way to look at the world.

Appreciating the logic of liberty and the role of property rights in the social order is enlightening, provocative, and inspiring. Our approach also provides striking analytical advantages over conventional "left" and "right" oriented political views. Leftist and rightist political thinking alike are hypocritical, inconsistent, collectivist, and contrary to economic science and human nature. They give lip service to liberty and reason but renounce it on a dime to preserve their cherished statist policies. They end up defending policies and consequences contrary to their professed values.

By contrast, the libertarian perspective strives for consistency and justice. It recognizes the nonaggression principle and the important role of property rights in justice and the promotion of peace and prosperity."

Well said Stephan Kinsella!

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