I apologize for the long time away. I spent a month studying for the GRE and researching grad school, then I was in the process of changing jobs, then I was playing catch excuses.

One other activity has taken a great deal of my time lately. I am now co-hosting a radio show here in Atlanta:

Butler on Business

Sundays 11am – 1pm

You can tune into WGKA 920 AM on your radio in Atlanta or you can listen live online by going to the Talk920 website.

Each week we take a free market look at the news affecting businesses, as well as devote entire segments to talking about topics such as the impact of taxation and ways to downsize the federal government so that more resources can be dedicated to the productive private sector. We hammer home the message of sound economics and promote universal respect for individual rights.

This week we have an interview with Sheriff Paul Babeu - the sheriff who is on the front lines fighting the drug cartels in Arizona. Next week we will be interviewing Senators Johnny Isakson and Jim DeMint. Should be interesting.

I should have more time in the near future to devote to the site. I have a lot of half written articles I want to get out there.

Thanks for staying with me. Look for new articles soon!

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Announcing the launch of a new free market study group in Atlanta called "The Rothbard Circle." The plan is to get together once a month and discuss the ideas of liberty, voluntary exchange, politics, and economics among friends of Liberty.

The first meeting will be Monday, July 12th. In this first meeting, we will begin with an introduction and then move onto our main topic for the evening which is the electoral process. We will discuss the appropriateness of voting, "third" parties, and other matters pertaining to this topic.

It is completely free to join and we welcome your participation. Please send me a message if you are interested in joining the discussion. Also you can check out the The Rothbard Circle group on Facebook for more information.

"It is clearly absurd to limit the term 'education' to a person's formal schooling." - Murray N. Rothbard (Education: Free & Compulsory)

"It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a 'dismal science.' But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance." - Murray Rothbard

Understanding basic economics is one of the essential pillars in spreading a consistent message of liberty and battling the misinformation peddled by the mainstream media and politicians. has updated the Fundamental Economic Concepts page.  There is a lot of information here. Feel free to browse the page or download a listing of the concepts in its entirety from the Archives. Over the next two weeks or so we are going to be featuring a new concept each day here on the blog.  This pace may be easier for some to digest. Either way, the information is out there. Enjoy!  

Fundamental Economic Concepts include:
  • Scarcity and Subjective Individual Value
  • Production, Time Preference, and the Cost of Foregone Alternatives
  • Incentives and Margin - Two Keys to Understanding Human Decision Making
  • Consumer Goods, Capital Goods, and Savings
  • Property *Newly Added
  • The Market *Newly Added
  • Division of Labor and the Benefits of Exchange - Specialization and Knowledge Sharing *Newly Added
  • Prices *Newly Added
  • Money *Updated
  • Interest
  • Capital and the Structure of Production * Updated
  • Recessions and Depressions: What Causes the Business Cycle of Booms and Busts?

QUESTION: Are there any other fundamental economic concepts you think we should cover?

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- Dubbs Galt

Welcome Friends!

It is with great excitement I welcome you to The content of this site was put together in less than three weeks. Soon deep content will be developed to support the existing framework. is a resource dedicated to providing the tools needed for those interested in developing a consistent, reason-based philosophy of life and liberty.

I have taken an extended leave from working for a premier global business risk and consulting firm to focus my energy on something about which I feel very passionately. We are living during a very pivotal time. I have no doubt that the months and years ahead will greatly influence the future of our country and the world. For years the ideological foundation of our country has been slowly eroded like a stream of water over a great boulder. Gradual erosion inevitable causes even the mightiest boulder to crumble eventually. The recent national and global crisis indicates we may be close to that point.

The ideological battle will come to a head soon as the current political and monetary system can no longer continue to survive on its unsustainable foundation. We are seeing and will continue to see a push for increased government intervention and control. This ideology is fundamentally broken and has resulted in destruction every time it has been tried throughout human history – only the proponents of government control don't want their policies to be linked or associated with any particular ideology. Those that survive off the expropriation of government granted special privilege and control will fight vigorously.

In order to battle for America and the principles upon which this great country was founded, we must understand and champion the only philosophy compatible with life and prosperity – an ideology grounded in reason, based on the principle of individual human rights.

Over the course of the last three weeks I built the framework for a new website ( which I will be using as a platform to share thoughts and new-found knowledge with family, friends, and anyone else interested in learning more about a reason-based philosophy of life and liberty. This, the first major experiment of my educational journey, has already proven to be an exciting challenge for me as a thinker and a writer.

In the the coming months, as I venture deeper into my study of economics, history, and philosophy, I will continue to expand and adjust the content of this site. Learning is an active process. I welcome and appreciate any feedback you have regarding the site or the ideas I present. I can be contacted using the website's contact page.

For those new to, check out the Home Page for a welcome message and read the About Page to learn more about the mission and values of this site. Explore America in Crisis for an honest snapshot of our nation's current situation. Take time to dig in deeper to the fundamental principles of Philosophy and Economics.

The only formula to save America is A=A. Please check back frequently for new article postings, as well as links to a wealth of free information.

In honor of life and my love for it,