Below are a few quotes I found about reasons people give for not voting. Because we are still in election week, I thought I'd share.

These are meant to invoke thought and challenge our common beliefs about voting and elections. If you think it is important to vote, please do not be offended. Sometimes it is good to think about the other side's perspective.

Morality of Voting

"Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." -- H. L. Mencken

"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is two wolves attempting to have a sheep for dinner and finding a well-informed, well-armed sheep."  - James Bovard

"Don't vote. It just encourages the bastards." - P. J. O'Rourke

"Today it’s appropriate for me to summarize my reasons for not voting. To put it in a nutshell, democracy is a repugnant and ridiculous system, and so I have no ethical duty to vote. And then, my vote by itself will almost certainly have no effect on the election, and hence I have no pragmatic interest in voting. So why would I do something morally dubious if it won’t even make a difference?" - Robert Murphy

"The argument that voting is a moral imperative depends on, among other issues, whether or not democracy is a morally acceptable method of collective decision making. One problem here is that the aim of the collective decision is generally immoral. Most voters vote in favor of government predations on our property. Voters are willing to vote themselves other people's wealth. This is morally unacceptable. The fact that some group somewhere has voted does not justify the theft of property. Should you vote because you are morally compelled to do so? Definitely not." - Mark Brandly

The Political Process IS the Problem

"I believe that our situation is not hopeless, but that our hope lies not in the political process, but in convincing the people that the political process is the problem." - Mark Thornton

“To effectuate the suggested revolution all that is necessary is to stay away from the polls. Unlike other revolutions, it calls for no organization, no violence, no war fund, no leader to sell it out. In the quiet of his conscience each citizen pledges himself, to himself, not to give moral support to an unmoral institution, and on election day he remains at home. That’s all.” – Frank Chodorov

“Shrinking government through political means is a fool’s errand; laws repealed today can be reinstated tomorrow.”  - Wendy McElroy

“Moreover, the State’s power does not reside in the number of laws or agencies it creates; it does not depend on its size. Power rests on social conditions such as how many people respect the state’s authority.” - Wendy McElroy

"Every vote for a federal office is a vote for the hyper-state known as the US federal government, and for hyper-states in general. It is effectively an endorsement of centralized power and a vote of no confidence in localism." – Daniel Sanchez

" The most effective way to promote liberty today would be to choose to abstain from voting and to tell everybody about that choice. If you are going to cast anything today, cast a few dollars toward a principled libertarian organization devoted to ideological change." – Daniel Sanchez

"True progress toward liberty cannot be achieved through the offices of a gargantuan state." – Daniel Sanchez

"It’s the job of the Establishment to confine the range of debate within narrow limits, to designate certain opinions as acceptable and others by implication as “extreme,” and to trick the public into thinking every presidential election — invariably between Establishment Candidate A and Establishment Candidate B — is the “most important of our lifetimes,” etc., when in fact the basic contours of the regime remain the same no matter what." - Tom Woods

"Don’t you find it the least bit suspicious that we are told from all quarters that we need to go vote, that our brave soldiers are right now defending our right to pull a lever for two candidates who were backed by Wall Street and the media, blah blah blah? The government wants you to believe that because you vote for one of two candidates it chooses every four years, that you are “in charge.” - Robert Murphy

" Whatever you think the best strategy is for gaining liberty, a necessary ingredient is an educated population. So that’s why I focus my efforts on writing articles, rather than pulling a lever in a symbolic ritual setup by the government to fool people into thinking they are free." - Robert Murphy

“There is no way that the establishment media and party bosses will ever let the American voters have a genuine choice in their presidential elections. In our current farce, there is hardly any noticeable difference in philosophy between the two candidates.” Bob Murphy

Incentives of Political System Attract the Morally Corrupt

“Candidates with moral integrity are at a severe disadvantage in the political sphere. Do not put your hope in political solutions.” -  Mark Brandly

“Why are scoundrels successful in the political arena? Analyzing the nature of an election provides us with an answer. In order to win an election, candidates need to offer their supporters other people's wealth, and candidates must convince their supporters to vote in spite of the fact that individual votes will not affect the election. Accomplishing these two goals requires deception. Therefore, candidates who are willing to violate property rights — to steal — and be deceptive have an advantage over candidates with stronger moral convictions. So of course elected officials are corrupt. Candidates with moral integrity are at a severe disadvantage in the political sphere. Do not put your hope in political solutions.” -  Mark Brandly

The greater the power of the political office that a candidate is seeking, the more likely it is that that individual has no sense of right and wrong. – Mark Brandly

“A good politician, under democracy, is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.” - H.L. Mencken

“Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses.” - H.L. Mencken

"Prime ministers and presidents are selected for their proven efficiency as morally uninhibited demagogues. Thus, democracy virtually assures that only bad and dangerous men will ever rise to the top of government." - Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Your individual vote does not matter in determining who will win.

“A vote is a terrible thing to waste. Therefore, I will stay at home on Nov. 6 and conserve my precious possession.” Sheldon Richman

“Thank goodness my one vote wouldn’t have counted anyway. Staying home does have its advantages. As two of my favorite philosophers—Herbert Spencer and George Carlin—suggested, only nonvoters have a right to complain after an election.” – Sheldon Richman

“Not only does a single vote not make a difference, in presidential elections, it seems that all of the votes in the state of Michigan do not matter.” - Mark Brandly

In fact, if all Michigan voters had voted for the losing presidential candidate in every election since 1900, this would not have changed anything. The same candidates would have won every election. It apparently doesn't matter whether Michigan voters support the Democrat, the Republican, or Shaq. Of course, Michigan's voters as a group could affect a presidential election, it just hasn't happened in the last century. – Mark Brandly

Now it's true that a lot of votes could affect an election, but that's irrelevant to the point that a single vote does not matter. Some people make a claim that I will paraphrase as follows: "A lot of votes could affect an election. Therefore it's important that you vote, because the votes add up. Because a lot of votes matter, each individual vote matters."  This argument is an example of the fallacy of division. This fallacy is committed when one asserts that what is true of a whole must also be true of a part of that whole.  – Mark Brandly

"Legislation is a result of an all-or-none decision. Either you win and get exactly what you want, or you lose and get exactly nothing. Even worse, you get something that you do not want and you have to pay for it just as if you had wanted it. In this sense winners and losers in voting are like winners and losers in the field. Voting appears to be not so much a reproduction of the market operation as a symbolization of a battle in the field." - Bruno Leoni

“I’ll always complain about how willfully ignorant everyone is when it comes to politics, economics, and legislation. I’m not just going to let these people sleep at night thinking they’re for equality and fair treatment when they’re too ignorant to really know what those words mean.” - Chelsea Coley