This week Freedom Unfiltered launched the Liberty Library. In the Liberty Library you will find links to some of the best articles, videos, books, and other educational resources on a variety of key topics related to sound economics and individual liberty.

One of the chief goals of Freedom Unfiltered is to help you navigate your way through the seemingly unlimited amount of information that is available and let you get right to the good stuff.

Do you want to learn more about Austrian Economics? Do you want to send a friend or family member information about the Drug War or the Federal Reserve? Do you want a few good articles that succinctly explain Libertarianism, or the Gold Standard, or Basic Economic Concepts?

You can quickly search or browse the Liberty Library by key topic to find links to resources that explain each of these topics and more in a succinct, digestible manner. Take a moment to explore the Liberty Library. I think you will find it to be a useful tool on your educational journey.

In Liberty,

Jason Riddle