In 2007, Garet Garrett accurately likened the US Federal Reserve policy of bailing out failed European institutions as a Ponzi scheme responsible for the global economic collapse of the 1930s.

In the Mises Daily from Friday, March 05, 2010, Jonathan M. Finegold Catalan explains Garet Garrett's Invaluable Lesson. Today, America is still in the business of bailouts; at home and abroad. Before wealth can be distributed to someone the government deems is justly entitled, that wealth must be created by someone. That wealth must be forcefully expropriated from the producer before it can be gifted away to the 'needy'. The interventionist policy rooted in the morals of social entitlement caused a global economic crisis 80 years ago. It seems not much has changed. At some point, we run out of real wealth available for governments to plunder. A is A.

In this article, Catalan quotes one the many brilliant observations by Ludwig von Mises in Human Action. Mises stated that, “Intervention aims at confiscating the "surplus" of one part of the population and at giving it to the other part. Once this surplus is exhausted by total confiscation, a further continuation of this policy is impossible.[2]

In other words, a policy of debt-inducing wealth redistribution is not sustainable. Catalan explains “the crisis of interventionism is summed up by the adage, 'the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money'."

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...beginning with the premise that people are entitled to certain betterments of life. If they cannot immediately afford them, that is, if out of their own resources these betterments cannot be provided, nevertheless people are entitled to them, and credit must provide them” - Garet Garrett

What is "Austrian Economics"? Why the recent resurgence in popularity? explains in the article, 'Austrian Economics Booms in Popularity, Busts Mainstream Myths. Click here for a PDF of the complete article.

The following are excerpts from
'Austrian Economics' Booms in Popularity, Busts Mainstream Myths by

"...Renewed popularity is primarily due to the Austrian Theory of the Business Trade Cycle explaining the causes of economic booms, busts, recessions, and depressions. Economists using the Austrian theory predicted the Great Depression, the recessions of the 1970s and 1980s, as well as the most recent financial collapse with precise accuracy..."

"...Despite winning a Noble Prize for Economics (F.A. Hayek, 1974), exploding Marx's Labor Theory of Value
in the 1880's (Eugene von Bohm-Bawerk), developing the theory of marginal utility and explaining the historic origin of money (Carl Menger), and writing possibly the single greatest economic treatise in human history (Ludwig von Mises, Human Action), Austrian economists are largely unknown to the general public today and go unmentioned in our schools' history books..."

"...For the specific reason that Austrian economics provides a transparent view of reality, logically linked by a chain of reason – it is politically unpalatable. Austrian economics, because it presents an undistorted cause-effect relationship between public policy and economic impact, is a real threat to those in power..."

Read the entire article by following one of the links below:

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This video is a great introduction to tomorrow's feature post: 'Austrian Economics' Booms in Popularity, Busts Mainstream Myths. 

The Fear the Boom and Bust a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap is a very entertaining, well put together music video that humorously contrasts the economic theories of Keynes (the theory our government is following) and the Austrian theory presented by Nobel economist F.A. Hayek.

Click here to learn more about the theory of the boom and bust business cycle.
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