I apologize for the long time away. I spent a month studying for the GRE and researching grad school, then I was in the process of changing jobs, then I was playing catch excuses.

One other activity has taken a great deal of my time lately. I am now co-hosting a radio show here in Atlanta:

Butler on Business

Sundays 11am – 1pm

You can tune into WGKA 920 AM on your radio in Atlanta or you can listen live online by going to the Talk920 website.

Each week we take a free market look at the news affecting businesses, as well as devote entire segments to talking about topics such as the impact of taxation and ways to downsize the federal government so that more resources can be dedicated to the productive private sector. We hammer home the message of sound economics and promote universal respect for individual rights.

This week we have an interview with Sheriff Paul Babeu - the sheriff who is on the front lines fighting the drug cartels in Arizona. Next week we will be interviewing Senators Johnny Isakson and Jim DeMint. Should be interesting.

I should have more time in the near future to devote to the site. I have a lot of half written articles I want to get out there.

Thanks for staying with me. Look for new articles soon!

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